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Accueil » Builds » Li Li » [Rank 1] Lili DPS [Rank 1] Lili DPS Attention, ce build a été créé lors de la version 16.5.41504 du jeu et son auteur ne l'a pas encore mis à jour. Il se peut donc que des sorts ou talents ne soient plus d'actualités, le jeu étant aujourd'hui en version 2.52.0 Li Li's Healing Brew Build is designed to increase sustain healing, something that helps against damage over time effects (Lunara comes to mind). In particular, Two For One helps you to keep multiple allied Heroes in a good shape with the help of Free Drinks and The Good Stuff that synergize well all together Lili DPS - Come on, dragi! Do your thing! By: Waffels Last Updated: Jun 10, 2017. 1 Votes. Rating Pending. Build Guides Discussion (0) More Guides. Build 1 of 1. Li Li Build: Lili DPS - Supports 2k17. Level 1. Level 4. Level 7. Level 10. Level 13. Level 16. Level 20. Threats to Li Li with this build. Threat. Low. High. Show all Collapse. Threat Hero Notes; 1. Tracer : Tracer literally can't. This build works very well for clearing our Camps and healing yourself and teammates. Cloud Serpent will be major DPS(Long range) Tier 1: Conjurer's Pursuit (helps with mana) Tier 2: Heal per attack Tier 3: Heal per attack and Bounce (Bouncing also heals) Tier 4: Heal Tier 5: Slow Enemies(2) Binding win hits 2 target Build: Lili Powerguide for HPS & DPS in... Level 1. Level 4. Level 7. Level 10. Level 13. Level 16. Level 20. Lili Powerguide for HPS & DPS in HL/TL Top. hey leute, für mich das absolute stärkste was lili an heilung und schaden raushauen kann! wolkenschlange immer aktiv halten ansonsten wenn gefahr droht oder es zum fight kommt immer manatee Q spammen. die wolkenschlange tut ihren rest und.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu Build générique. Niv.1. Niv.4. Niv.7. Niv.10. Niv.13. Niv.16 . Niv.20. Rôle dans l'équipe. Li Li est un soutien qui a plus d'un tour dans son sac. Li Li est un pick situationnel très facile à prendre en main. Elle excelle contre les assassins comptant sur leurs auto-attaques (AA). En effet, Li Li possède de nombreux outils dans son kit pour remplir plusieurs rôles : soigner ses alliés.

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  1. Lili Water Dragon on Hanamura - Top DPS Lili Challenge in GM! - Grandmaster Storm League Game Fan Heroes of the Storm. Loading... Unsubscribe from Fan Heroes of the Storm? Cancel Unsubscribe.
  2. Accueil » Builds » Li Li » Build Lili Prompts petons Build Lili Prompts petons Informations générales. Li Li Soigneur 2000 150. Auteur Date de création Dernière mise à jour Version du jeu Notes URL raccourcie Intégrer à votre site Mettre en favoris. Plume 18-10-2017 20-03-2020 2.52.0. 0 1. Ajouter à mes favoris . Talents Choisis. A. Z. E. R. 1. 4. 7. 10. 13. 16. 20. Appeler une.
  3. Builds, Guides, and News for Diablo 4. Activision Blizzard To Close France Office According to Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard informed employees Tuesday morning that they will be closing their second-largest office in France. Blizzard Blizzard 4 comments Oct 06, 2020 at 16:02 by Stan. PvP and Roguelike Diablo 2 Mod: Leoric's Castle As we wait for Diablo 4 (and D3 Season 22), here's some more.
  4. Falstad's Tailwind Build provides both poke damage while fighting and macro value while laning thanks to Flow Rider at Level 13 halving the cooldown of Basic Abilities when Falstad has not taken damage for 6 seconds, reduced to 3 seconds thanks to Aerie Gusts at Level 16, which basically doubles the value you can get from BOOMerang at Level 7

Dehaka's Standard Build will be a good option in every game. It gives him good survivability through Level 1 and 4 Talents, and good crowd control from Feeding Frenzy and Elongated Tongue.. Hero Stalker is exceptional against melee Heroes, but sometimes you can be easily kited by rangeds. One-Who-Collects should be the choice against many ranged Heroes. At level 13 Primal Rage is excellent. Lillia Build Guide for League of Legends. Champion guides for the League of Legends champion Lillia.Find the best Lillia build guides for S10 Patch 10.20. Our authors will teach you which items to build, runes to select, tips and tricks for how to how to play Lillia, and of course, win the game

Build générique. Niv.1. Niv.4. Niv.7. Niv.10. Niv.13. Niv.16. Niv.20. Rôle dans l'équipe. Muradin est l'un des personnages les plus tanky du jeu. Sa grande force est de pouvoir encaisser des tonnes de dégâts sans sourciller. Il possède également beaucoup de contrôles assez indécent entre stun et ralentissements. Il n'est d'ailleurs pas sans mobilité car il peut sauter afin de fuir. 24 Sep. 2020 (this page): Builds updated. 30 Aug. 2020 (this page): Role in Current Meta section updated. 05 Apr. 2020 (talents page): Description updated for Egg Hunt and Octo-Grab. 13 Dec. 2019 (this page): Added a note about current Anomaly. 11 Oct. 2019 (talents page): Talent builds and recommendations reviewed and updated. 11 Oct. 2019 (this page): Guide updated. 11 Oct. 2019 (abilities. Voici l'ensemble des builds Li Li créés par la communauté Heroes of the Storm, n'hésitez pas à participer vous aussi en créant votre propre build, en votant pour ceux qui vous plaisent ou déplaisent, ou en laissant des commentaires ! Créer un build . Affinez votre recherche. Héros. Carte. Build à jour ? Fort contre. Auteur. Builds. 26-50 sur 87 builds; Titre du build Auteur Héros. She is a DPS support/bait :D. You concentrate on pokes with Blinding Wind and support then contribute burst damage when possible. Once you have both Envenom and Water Dragon you can easily kill squishies you've prepped. I thought it was a little silly, but I've been pretty successful honestly. Just check my 65% win rate post patch since finding the build

Find the best Lillia build guides for League of Legends Patch 10.20. The MOBAFire community works hard to keep their LoL builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Lillia build for the S10 meta. Learn more about Lillia's abilities, skins, or even ask your own questions to the community! Lillia Guides Build Lillia Skins Abilities Questions. Aatrox Ahri Akali Alistar Amumu. Build MAJ ! 1 0. Drijokalin il y a 5 ans. Un super guitariste quand même 1 0. BarnY il y a 5 ans. Bien vu ! C'est corrigé, merci ! 1 Je trouve que l'amélioration de fondu est super intéressante pour protéger les dps de l'équipe. 1 0. L'actu. En Continu. BUILD: Our build in the jungle focuses on making her W easier to land as that contributes (ABSURD) damage on any champion (squishy, tanky) you name it. The rylai's slow allows for easier kiting with Q, and synergizes with her natural slow on E while giving her healthy and bit of survivability. Liandry's further cements the tanky-survivability. About This Guide This guide will teach you a lot about things you need to know to play Lily effectively in PvE. However, I won't be publishing a Meta skill build or a Meta skill combo build. That's because: a) Some of the skills or extensions ca Lili Damage Build (Just for fun) By Tegank on 09/01/18 Li Li . Nubkeks Fav Li Li Build. By nubkeks on 04/25/17 Created December 19, 2019 DPS LILI. 1 Wind Serpent. Casting Cloud Serpent also launches a Blinding Wind at the nearest enemy target. 4 Serpent Sidekick. Each time a Cloud Serpent attacks a Hero, its duration is increased by 0.6 seconds. 7 Lightning Serpent. Cloud Serpent attacks.

Li Li Build Guide : Lili DPS - Come on, dragi! Do your

Build The Elder Scrolls Online, Toulouse. 343 J'aime. Page dédiée aux différents build pour la communauté de Elder Scrolls Online Page dedicated for.. Salut à tous ! Alors voilà j'aurais besoin de deux trois conseils concernant le build de mon bersek 158 :) En effet, je suis stuffé ful Capi tranchan Merci pour ton argumentation qui confirme pleinement tes dires. - Topic Li li est indéniablement le meilleur personnage du jeu. du 27-06-2016 19:03:42 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co Lili said: » Asura.Ajamu said: The extra TP from tacticians is unlikely to take an attack round off of your build and extra TP does very little for DPS on vorpal. Using tacticians is maybe SLIGHTLY better than not doing any roll. This is true if you keep fighting same target, but if its something like dynamis, when you have some downtime between mobs, especially with lag, tactician will. This build can sustain players in fights with the additional buffs since it is a hybrid between a support & damage build. It's not a pure support or pure DPS build so it allows you to become more flexible in combat. Focus on Freezing & Slowing Enemies. This whole build revolves around Zane's Cryo abilities, particularly increasing its damage and proc rate. Slowed down & frozen enemies become.

Li Li Build Guide : LiLi's Dragon Party (DPS) :: Heroes of

This build is about following your tank and whatever he stuns you help kill quickly. Then at 16 you have the best cleanse in the game to keep your team out of bursty situations. Lili. Meta Blind [T2121233,LiLi] Actually insane healing [T1211211,LiLi] Lili is often considered the easiest hero in the game. If you are looking for that, go the. Build your Perfect LVL 4 Typhoon (yeas the Maelstrom is way better) #8 - 2011-10-09 03:44:16 UTC | Edited by: Lili Lu. 2 (700 at all 5 specs, 2 bcu, and 4 gardes; ~740 dps with 3 BCU II fit). At 40 km you are within the falloff for the drones and short range projectile ammo. If you do not have all three weapons systems at tech II then best named can service (arbalests and scouts). I do.

Skill build: Haru Estia. Passives: Special Ability Mastery: 1/3 OR 3/3. While on the ground, lifts enemies in a small cone-shaped area into the air. While in the air, does a downward kick. Rather long cooldown to use to gain SG effectively on single bosses, but on multiple enemies it's a godsend when Blow Up is on cooldown. Lvl at your own discretion. Special Dodge Attack: 1/1. While running. Extrelia a écrit:Dèja la masse 2m sur l'Eimus c'est discutable,une Hache 2m est bien sur plus appropriée. Moi je trouves dejà que l'Eimus s1 limite il le garde ne formation pour le sortir en DI se faire buffer,et en pet principal il prends un bon gros truc dps du genre lili noire S5 ou bien meme un cerbère s0 voire un Kenta s1,vu son stuff et sa ceinture il pourrait hein This Lili deck build will focus on using her Heal, Parry and Protection cards to become a formidable fighter. If you want to play her as a tank, then this build is for you! Her best moves are used when the opponent has lots of cards down on the table. It is a risky and dangerous game, but the rewards can be well worth it Heroes of the Storm Global Hero Stats - See global stats for heroes and best talent builds. Win Rates and Stat

Li Li Build Guide : Lili Powerguide for HPS & DPS in HL/TL

Mais bon, avec déjà 2 skulls + 2kentas + carte de boss + lili noire (souvent nécessaire), ben, y'a plus de place pour le pauvre eimus... Pour le Paladin, je ne suis pas fan du jeu au bouclier + masse 1 main avant la classe maître... J'ai toujours trouvé qu'il est délicat de tenir l'aggro avec ce build en DP... J'avais à l'époque. Guide du sorcier max dégâts - Diablo 3 . Le sorcier est puissant. Certes au premier abord on peut penser que le sorcier est moins puissant qu'un chasseur de démon et moins résistant qu'un barbare ou qu'un moine mais il a d'autre avantage This Lili deck build will focus on using her Punch cards and Buff cards to easily land powerful hits to shatter your opponent's HP pool! If you want to deal around 100 Hit damage per card, then this build is for you! Her best moves are used when the opponent has lots of cards down on the table. It is a risky and dangerous game, but the rewards. - Li Li: Lili carry this ! Please.: Un build de stripe59 qui nous présente sa Li Li hybride heal/support. - Nasibo: Nasibo (updated 02/04/2015 !) Competitive Build: Phoenix Eraser nous présente son build pour un Nasibo Full DPS. - Tychus: Tychus, un frère d'arme! rank1 (gros dégâts/très solide) : Un build de karma qu'il n'est plus nécessaire de présenter, avec son Tychus tanky/DPS. 6. Développeurs : Blizzard Éditeur : Blizzard Date de Sortie : 2 juin 2015 Site officiel : [...] - Auteur : cacahuete - Page : 635 - Pages : 710 - Dernier message : 07-06-202

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builds; tiers; guilds; people; Li Li. World Wanderer. Born upon Shen-zin Su the Wandering Isle, Li Li Stormstout led a somewhat uneventful life until she began reading the journals of her uncle Chen. Soon, nothing would sate her desire for adventure, exploration, and pestering adventurers in the Valley of the Four Winds. Trait . Fast Feet. Upon taking damage, your Basic Ability cooldowns. Build The Elder Scrolls Online, Toulouse (Toulouse, France). 338 likes. Page dédiée aux différents build pour la communauté de Elder Scrolls Online Page dedicated for sharing build for Elder scrolls.. Pour ce qui est de la disto, je monte à 88% de chance de réussite et ça miss souvent 1/4 mob d'une patrouille donc c'est jouable. Mais le dernier dp hard que j'ai fait remonte probablement à l'épic 8.1 et j'alternais entre la cape et la disto à cause du dps

Lili, take another walk out of your fake world... Euh, je m'égare. Lili c'est avant tout la nièce de Chen Brune d'Orage, le célèbre voyageur pandaren et c'est à ce personnage que Kirastrasz dédie un guide orienté sur le soin plutôt que le DPS. Je vous propose de le découvrir avec sa vidé.. Diablo 3 : un barbare de 2.600.000 de dps ! un barbare max dégâts original Un barbare (DTX) qui fait 2.6 million de dps. oui c'est possible ! c'est même une vidéo ^^ mais reprenons plus haut ( non pas littéralement, rasseyez vous ) , DtX un barbare de son état a posté une vidéo sur les forums Battle.net européennes, le montrant tuer Azmodan en Monster Power 10 en 52 secondes 2) Les autres DPS + le Tank arrivent à côté 3) Le Prêtre buff + Bouclier de Kaya à 2-3 sec avant la fin du bouclier 4) Dispel Le Kaya évite le souffle final => Merci à Cillit. Bang pour ce Tips Butin A) mode Normal Equipement Set Lilitas (Verno 2.0) : Arme, Bottes, Ceinture Broche simple de purificatio

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[Guide] Lazalia's Full DPS Build For SW Fury Mod 5. Author. Lazalia. Rating. User Rating. Rate Here. Rating. User Score. 389 ratings. You have rated this. Ads Note: Please, if you have any doubt or question, I kindly ask you to ask me in the Original Thread where I usually spend more time so I will be able to answer your questions faster, furthermore, there are tons of information about this.

Heroes of the Storm Tier List. In this Heroes of the Storm Tier List we provide Hero rankings to give you the best heroes for the current meta. This page will always show the latest Heroes of the Storm Tier List for ranked play, and is designed to rank Heroes in terms of their strength in the current meta and their value in climbing for the majority of players This is the end of the build outline for my DPS Support, Paladin of Stendarr! If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments below. I should have a video with the build outline and play through of Maelstrom Arena up sometime soon but in the meantime thanks for reading, go holy burn some daedra sending them back to Oblivion for the Knights of Stendarr Bonjour, Ayant un tank 60 et un rodeur 60, j'ai décidé de monter une aède 60, et vraiment j'aime beaucoup cette classe, je souhaiterais avoir quelques conseil et des réponses à certaines questions que je me pose : Stuff Etant donné l'arrivé

Build with worst sustain in the game? Prev 1 2 3 Next. Go. Leave a Reply. DivyathFyr Hey all Im wondering what is the class with the worst sustain in the game?. The good thing about her is that you can build her accordingly to where you need her to fill a spot. If you need a tank and cleanser, you can build her with hp and speed. If you need her as a cleaver, you can build her with high crit rate and crit damage and utilize a high attack stat ally. She will be great in Golem and Azimanak Hunts, Lab and also the Abyss since she has cleanse and is a.

Classic WoW Protection Paladin Tanking guide to mastering PvE content. Learn how to excel at tanking on the Paladin Class, including Rotation, Talent Builds, Stat Priorities, BiS Gear, Consumables, Enchants, and more! We will also outline the best Macros and Addons in Classic For every three lilies, this class spends on its heals, it earns a Blood Lily that deals double the damage of their primary DPS skill. So for using three free heals, you get double dosed damage in return. White Mage has a skill that boosts damage and healing potency of itself while also reducing the cost taken by all party members within 30 yalms! 1. Dancer. Dancer practicing her moves before. Je me permets d'ouvrir ma galerie sur ce forum, en écho avec celle de l'ancien. Ce sont donc des screenshots, parfois légèrement retouchés. 496010aion0324v.jpg 984959aion00319.jpg 711547Aion0506.png 484615Aion0491.png 726837Aion0562.jpg Lilies are accumulated as time passes while engaged in combat. They may then be consumed to execute certain actions such as Afflatus Solace (acquired at level 52) and Afflatus Rapture (acquired at level 76). Upon learning the trait Transcendent Afflatus, consumption of Lilies will also nourish the Blood Lily Lili does her fair share of damage despite being a healer. Blinds screw fenix and sylvanas to a lesser extent. Cocoon is a small issue because laser from ming and cassia shred it fast. Diablo is in trouble because he is the only melee and uther can deal with his Q build

This build becomes significantly weakened near the endgame where enemies have high amounts of health. Lilith's melee attack consists of an energized palm strike, although she will use bladed guns instead of her normal attack if one is equipped outside of Phasewalk. Lilith's Wanted poster focuses on her chest and doesn't show her face, a perverted joke. Trivia. Lilith is a name with origins in. Mais pas aussi bon que Lili (selon moi). jcc 2015-08-21 09:32:59 UTC #584. Ok merci, je reste sur Lili pour les matchs sans IA. Keligh 2015-08-21 10:06:23 UTC #585 [quote=jcc, post:584, topic: 55741][/quote] Même pas un petit malfurion de temps en temps ? Pour du support qui supporte vraiment, j'alterne entre les deux, mais est ce que Lili > Malfurion ? zepostman 2015-08-21 11:00:30.

The others require you to reach expansion content, or level up to 30 on a DPS class. Now the Lily Gauge builds up passively, generating one normal Lily for every 30 seconds of combat. You can expend these to cast powerful, instant heals that cost zero mana. Casting these skills also nourishes a new resources called the Blood Lily. The Blood Lily isn't tremendously complex. It just. This Swordsman and Knight build will focus on using 2 Handed Swords, and Skills that will reinforce the weapon. DPS stands for Damage per Second or Damage per Strike, and to be able to achieve this, you must focus on your Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Chance Rate and with decent Survivability. Refer below to determine which stats and skill build is best for your playing style. at 5:27 AM. In this Zarya Build Guide, we provide an overview of her strengths, abilities, talents and matchups. by Lewis Burnell on Apr 14, 2018 Follow Ten Ton Hammer; Overview. Zarya is a ranged warrior that brings damage and amazing shielding to a team. Although she lacks hard crowd control such as stuns or slows, she makes up for this in the fact that she's incredibly tough. With her Energy mechanic.

With a build like this, I'd be looking at picking up Manyshot at 6th level and going for the Snap Shot line after that and taking Combat Reflexes when possible. You could also use some of your later feats on things like Iron Will, to round out your defenses. Given the damage an archer fighter can inflict, such investments are rarely a bad idea, since you could do a lot of damage to your. all premades are protected and monitored by dmca , premades will be sent to your email , no refunds. please fill the form provided below. imvuacc id will be required to complete your purchase :this is the fastes way to reach the original buyer/owner of the premade you can find it by going to you webpage , my account

Valla est un DPS avec beaucoup d'escape et une force de frappe non négligeable grâce à sa flèche vorace et à son ulti. Je construis mon build autour de flèche vorace et d'acrobatie qui annule son CD. Un tir, une acrobatie, un tir, une acrobatie, un tir mortel ! 2. Balafré. Balafré c'est un peu le couteau-suisse de Heroes of the Storm et c'est pour ça que je l'aime : des. Best Healer Tier List Rankings. Best Healing - (Best) Highest Healer ranking in our WoW Classic Healing Class Spec Tier List. Strong Healing - (Strong) Very good, but not as strong the Best Healing Specs. Average Healing - (Average) Average choice but we recommend something better. Weak Healing - (Weak) These classes have the ability to heal but are not viable for this Role Real-time LoL Stats! Check your Summoner, Live Spectate and using powerful global League of Legends Statistics

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